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Nadiya Anastasia: A Soul's Journey

This is absolutely beautiful, Lana. May I ask, the last line, what "language" is that? It is a phrase I have channelled before and am curious what your knowledge is of it. Gratitude and love to you, Star Sister

Judit Ronai, Spiritual Advisor1

Very calming, thanks for sharing Lana. <3

D R1

Thank you so much 😘😘😘

Nanda Fox1 month ago

Very beautiful Lana ♥️

Esther van Gils4 weeks ago

Absolutely love this meditation, it has so much depth and it has helped me and my twin come even closer to union! You truly have a gift, please keep them coming 💖✨

Silvia Iriarte2 weeks ago

I wanted so much to thank you for the meditation I did for the first time last night I'm in appreciation for the balance and expanding of self I'll being on this divine journey for a while now and have always known we are one something has definitely shifted again I thank you with all my heart and soul

Handmade by Roxan1 week ago

Lana, you are a gifted healer, well beyond any I have encountered here on the internet. You are so clearly being led by the Divine for the highest good of all. My twin flame was brought to my consciousness about a month ago at a time when I had no idea of what a twin flame was. I went through the "insanity" of thinking I needed to be committed and was I turning into a love obsessed stalker with these weird delusional thoughts. In my search for knowledge, attainment of union with the Divine, and hopefully a physical union with my twin, I came across this meditation. And without looking specifically for it, I keep landing on it again. Today was the third or forth time I listened to it for my meditation. Today I melded with my twin then when my vision cleared, I was looking at myself from his perspective. The love, protection, and tenderness that I/he was feeling was almost identical to how I feel, but not quite. It felt more masculine, protective. Have you heard of this happening? So much becomes clearer each day. We have some really big hurdles to overcome, and we have not even met in person. I trust that the Divine will lead our way if it is to the highest good of all. For myself, I'll keep doing what I can do to heal myself and the universal consciousness, and continue to hold hope that one day I'll be able to actually look into his eyes on the 3D plane and say "Beloved, I have been yours since our inception and will be forever more, I love you."

Pure Grace Spiritual Guidance29 minutes ago

I feel fantastic after this ty your voice is so calming too

Immortal Love2 days ago

Thank you so much for uploading this!!!🙏

Julie Bayley1 week ago

Thank you much needed 👍💕🙏

Amber Seagraves1 week ago

I’ve listened to this a few times and I love it! You truly have a gift. Thank you ✨🌑

Danny Kosmo2 weeks ago

That was such a blessing. Thank you so much!!!! <333333


Maria Lá2 weeks ago

So so precious thank you 🌈 I saw a rainbow today


Cassh Money3 weeks ago

Wow! That was absolutely amazing! Thank you 💕

Krystal Conard1 month ago

I feel better much!!💗thank you...my energies have been way off for two days!🙏🌈


mmanheimer261 month ago

Wow... this was so great. I feel so much better. Thank you.

Nanda Fox1 month ago

Amazing meditation

Amber Seagraves

Beautiful Message Lana! 🖤

Twin Aries2 days ago

I been listening to this over n over registering it as it resonates so much. During all this time in separation with no contact we still holding space in our hearts for each each other. Its such a blessing.


Izabela Holm2 days ago

Wow! Thank you! 😍❤️😍


Pat J Matallana2 days ago

So beautiful..😢😢😢😢..Thank u ..😢😢😢😢

Jennifer Coburn6 hours ago (edited)

222 when I came on board.. Thank You Spirit for Guiding Me! 1004 views... Another Significant Synchronicity. I Am So Grateful for My Journey.


Suzanne Mcalpine3 weeks ago

Thank you. I'm feeling drawn to you meditations after finding one randomly earlier tonight. I'm grateful for your time and service. X🌞💚🌹


Лилия Сахабиева1 month ago

Such a strong meditation, i cant bring my legs back, so rooted. Please channel more meditations like this, its so much needed. Love and light

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