This is a DAILY guided meditation, healing, light language activation and clearing, for Twin Flames to access the higher frequencies of their love and union templates/harmonics in order to release all lower-vibrational energies and unhealthy attachments, false light and corruption, etc.


This healing carries tones and frequencies to help you release old and current emotional baggage and pain, to be able to clear your connection to your Twin Flame and receive higher guidance and council directly from Spirit/Source/the Divine, in regards to your particular Union.


This will heal the connection between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, and recalibrate your fields to each other without external influences or internal emotional resistance. We are being called to initiate ourselves in a new Level of Light and conscious expansion, freedom and love.


This mp3 is meant to assist you in anchoring the new templates of Union, divine perception and all that is available for you now to return to the embodiment of the One.

This meditation serves you as a day to day tool to keep your energies cleansed and aligned with your divinity and the highest path of your particular union. Be open to manifest miracles!


Please find a quiet space to do this meditation and do not worry if you relax and drift off while listening. It is also normal to feel energy and different sensations through your body. Just be open to receive. And please drink water before and after doing this session. This will help you to integrate the healing energies.

Twin Flame Meditation I Daily Healing & Clearing - Angelic Union


    © 2020 Lana healer / medicine woman