This is a guided Twin Flame Meditation, Healing and Clearing created by Lana, to activate and upgrade the Twin Flame Template through the unification of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energetics, using the Rainbow Ray and the Pink Ray.


In this meditation you will receive special harmonics, tones and frequencies for you and your twin flame, you will heal and clear any blocks or dissonances to union and will ground the 5D higher heart connection into your current realities as well as upgrading your timelines through the field of creation.

Be open to manifest miracles.

Please find a quiet and sacred space to do this meditation and avoid doing it while driving or doing anything that requires your full attention. Drink plenty of water before and after doing this meditation to help you integrate the energies you will receive.


You can use this meditation as a day to day tool to clear and heal consistently the energies of your Twin Flame connection and any other relationship you have.

May you and your beloved be healed, uplifted and united through his meditation.

Please share. It is my honor to serve you.

Twin Flame Guided Meditation I clearing and healing


    © 2020 Lana healer / medicine woman