Welcome to this Self-Love Journey within the God/Goddess!


This is an online deep healing, spiritual and transforming journey of Self-Love into the depths of your God / Goddess self.

Beautiful and supportive Self-Love online guided healings, self-love practices, teachings and guided meditations, all designed for you to receive, download and keep with you forever. Invaluable content for all stages of awakening, spititual journey, divine mission and twin flame journey.


We want to love ourselves, but often we don't even know how or where to start.


This is meant for you to get started in your self-healing, self-loving journey. Providing you with helpful tools and wisdom as well as step-by-step practices in a sacred space with Lana's guidance. Every other day, you will receive a channeled teaching and a healing meditation from Lana with one Self-Love task and the next day you will have time to develop your Self-Love practice. And so on, for 14 days. You can take this course at your one pace.


We will be connecting with all members of the course, through an online free mobile app.(Slack) to message each other, where you will also be able to address me privately during the duration of the course.


This is a deep healing, spiritual Course, that I created, by putting together years of experience in the healing field, my own personal practices to anchor Self-Love and Union within, as well as energetic tools and attunements. I share all of this and more with you here. Be ready to receive, to give to yourself and to be transformed!


You will receive: - 18 guided HEALING meditations (these equal 18 one-on-one sessions with Lana) - 18 channeled live teachings (1-2hrs each!) specifically designed to support your spiritual growth and your self-love as the Divine being that you are. - 18 Self-Love guided practices for you to anchor in the 3D, all the energy healing work and to expand you into new frequencies of Love, Light, Self-Acceptance, Self-Esteem, Self-Knowledge and ALL that you are ready to receive.

- You will be part of a private small Group of other kindred spirits and be part of this community and have the chance to join us live for the next Module. 


You will learn: -What is Self Love -Forgiveness -Awareness -Understanding the Divine Masculine Energy and how it can support you. Understanding the Divine Feminine Energy and how it can support you.   Bring the Feminine and Masculine energies into balance and healing.  Bring in abundance, pleasure, connection to your body, mind and soul. Purpose and Understsmding to your unique Journey. Healing of your relationship with the physical Body and the physical dimension. Learn how to deal with your emotions. Learn how to be empowered by your own vulnerability, instead of suffering or running away from it. Become the hero of your own story and let go of victim consciousness in a loving way.


"This is an amazing gift for creating and understanding inner Union and outer Union" 



"Dear Lana, thank you ever so much. This journey you are creating is really, really helpful for me. I'm stunned by the things I discover. Just know that in your heart & soul. I've written down the practises and what happened as I did them. It's quite a lot of unexpected things and a few little surprises that I think was moments of alignment. Blessings to you"


"I would just like to send you a big 'thank-you' for this self-love-session! I love your meditations and the all-natural way you bring them. You are a real Master and a delight! I’m glad I joined you in this journey! 4th meditation took my to my galactic realm, thank you very much. I love it, such an amazing integration at the end. I feel complete."


"I listened to the meditation 1 from practice 1. I placed my hands on my heart and womb. I completely surrendered. My soul started to make sounds. I could feel my soul telling me to use my voice, before I knew it I was singing light sounds song. I felt so at peace, joy. I was a goddess."


"So thankful for this journey with you all much love and light. Lots of positivity to you all. ️️Thanks Lana. You are incredible. Lots of purging through this teaching. I forgive and embrace change and Love"

"I have had great transformation especially with talking about my twinflame and all that happened. Twinflame relationships are a magical, weird and difficult experience but with Lana by my side I am blessed. Thanks Lana for assisting me with the process and helping me breakthrough all those demons and barriers. I am positive and trust myself again. Starting to feel the real me come alive. Infinite blessings to you all, much love."

"Thank you Lana, this was Epic." ️

"Gracias Lana. I went to another dimension during the live meditation today, came back in the end, so I re-listened again and it is amazing. So beautiful and important."

"Hi Lana,
Just wanted to thank you so much for this beautiful course !

It was like oxygen to hear about trusting our own guidance system, and all the other inter related subjects. 
That was more powerful for me than someone doing « karmic release » on me. Thank you for facilitating this. The best part is through our course, for the first time in a year, the claws of obsession over TF union had unhooked their death grip on me! And that is a wonderful feeling of liberty in my heart. That is more empowering to me than achieving xyz ;)
Just wanted to say thank you for this unique gift of a course." 

" Thank you Lana for all your love for us. Blessings to you and your Ohana"


"Thank you soooo much, this course has really helped me brace a new level of healing that has been given to me as of a month or so.
Lana thank you so much for spreading your light - you are healing the world."




Self-Love Journey Bundle - Module 1-2-3


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