In this course you will learn how to anchor your light more fully as a lightworker, how to expand your channels and your capacity to receive spiritual energy and to heal yourself. This includes learning the basics of your energetic body and how it works in order to get the tools to heal it. This will also assist in developing your healing skills, learning how to protect your field and introduce you to your own healing skills and spiritual gifts. Very helpfull for empaths, lightworkers, healers, twin flames. No previous experience needed.

The course will include: 4 filmed online group lessons with Lana (2.00 hrs each)

Online tools such as pdf complete Manual for you.

Live Q and As every week after the lesson.

Healings, Meditations and specific personal Activations to anchor your light.

Introduction to Self-Healing.

Awakening the light within you to self-heal and prepare you to assist others.

Specific guidance for dealing with awakening spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc.

Creating community with other beautiful awakened souls and having constant support in a whatsapp healing group.

Self Healing Lightworker online course - Modul 1 Anchor your light

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$333.00Sale Price

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