This is a Twin Flame Audio / Meditation, read by Lana, to activate and upgrade the Twin Flame Template through the power of FORGIVENESS, using the APOLOGIES TO THE SACRED MASCULINE and the APOLOGIES TO THE DIVINE FEMININE by Jeff Brown (


In this audio, the Divine Feminine Collective apologizes to the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Masculine Collective apologizes to the Divine Feminine opening the hearts to forgiveness, divinity, compassion and divine love.

By actively listening to this apology and opening your heart to forgive and to be forgiven, you are assisting the integration of polarity of the feminine and masculine energies, creating a sacred space to invite union, to heal yourself, your counterpart and the collective.


Be open to manifest miracles. Please find a quiet and sacred space to listen to this recording. You can use this audio as a day to day tool to clear and heal the energies of your Twin Flame connection, specially to bring in forgiveness and compassion, when it all seems hard in the journey.

May you and your beloved be healed, uplifted and united through this recording.

Please share! It is my honor to serve you.

Sacred Apology of the Divine Masculine Collective to DF

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