Valentine's Day ∞ Eternal Love Healing Ceremony


∞ Deep Wound Healing ∞

Healing for Twin Flames / Awakened Souls


∞ Anchor Eternal Love and new Union Templates

- lovers union activation 2222

- contact future self to receive energetic information of your union, guidance and steps to follow from your higher-self

- activating cosmic heart through Divine Masculine

- forgiveness towards each other

- release of Karmics

- healing heart wounds

- healing past life's with twin

- healing connections to past lovers

- healing past encounters with twin flame

- healing separation

- healing self-worth


∞ We allow the energies of eternal love to cleanse and anchor the new frequencies of love, activate new field of Union and support both Twins in 2020.

I love you and hope this assists you and your Twin.


This is a recorded Love Ceremony in the following format: Teaching about Twin Flames, Guided Meditation and Healing, Q and A. 


Much love to you, Lana


“Lancelot and Guinevere – they looked like two flowers, bright enough to turn to each other for sunlight.” 


This Ceremony took place on Feb.14th 2020 


Eternal Love - Live Healing Ceremony for Twinflames


© 2020 Lana healer / medicine woman