Divine Masculine Healing Ceremony 


Discover your masculine energy and its infinite potential in a sacred and loving space


- Group Healing Session and Transmission/ Activation -


∞ Healing for all men, who who are wanting to learn more about their energetics as the holders of the Divine Masculine Energy.


∞ We address topics of spirituality, tools for you to overcome challenges, tools for the twin flame journey and your connection to yourself and healing the Divine Masculine Energy within you and around you.


∞ We also connect to Divine Masculine teachers and learn how to balance your energy with the energy of the Divine Feminine.


∞ We focus on bringing Union to your entire being to be able to uplift your relationships with other men, women and the world / mission. 


This Audio includes a Teaching on Masculine Energy and a profound Healing that can be used as a daily meditation and self-discovery tool. 


Divine Masculine Healing Ceremony


© 2020 Lana healer / medicine woman