Meditation Lessons



Introduction to Meditation / online coaching 


We will go through the basics of meditation: what is meditation, how does it work, what happens through meditation, types of meditation, how can I incorporate it in my every day life and what benefits does it bring to do so. 

I will give you simple and easy tools for you to be able to master different meditations from diverse cultures and spiritual backgrounds for you to discover which one is the right one or the one that fits your current energy better.


1 Hour 

Single      111 USD

Group      50 USD    (min. 10 people)




Meditation with Mantras / online coaching


Learn how to meditate chanting Mantras, learn to be aware of the sound and of your own energy.You will explore self healing through sound and vibration and you will know which mantra to sing according to your present state of mind.


1 Hour

Single     111 USD

Group     50 USD    (min. 10 people)












So Purkh Chanting Lessons online coaching


1 Hour          

Individual Session    111 USD

Small Group             80 USD     

*Very helpful for Twin Flames*

So Purkh is an extremley powerfull bhani written by Guru Ram Das. Yogi Bhajan (founder of Kundalini Yoga® in the west) spoke about the tremendous power and potential of reciting SO PURKH. He said a woman could use this shabd to beam on a man to: attract a child to you who will become a man of God, Heal a man, or transform a man into a man of God. Doing this practice also clears all the karma of past relationships from a womans arc line which is a very powerfull healing for a womans heart and body. 

So Purkh has to be chanted for 40 days 11 times a day. Chanting this mantra together in a group makes it even more powerfull and is an amazing tool to heal yourself and your relationships. It is written in Gumurkhi so it may be a bit tricky in the beginning. To support women who want to make this 40 day Sadhanna and for all those who want to know more about the So Purkh and how to chant it I am offering the So Purkh Chant Lessons (once a week). You are invited to join us!
















Talks of spiritual awareness for Women EMBODYING YOUR DIVINE FEMININE ENERGY


As a form of talk and discussion I will present to you teachings of different spiritual Masters on Women. What it means to be a woman energetically, biologically and spiritually. How can we manage our emotions with simple tools of knowledge and awareness. How can we improve our relationship to men, to other women and most importantly to ourselves. How can we get in touch with our inner power, strength, sensuality, sexuality and grace? We will discuss all these topics here and have a Divine Feminine Moon Priestess Circle!

Join us for powerful online ceremonies during the new moons and full moons to activate the power of Shakti, Gaia and the Red Rose Sisterhood. 


1 - 2 Hours

online via zoom 

11 USD   





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