divine feminine online group-workshop 

Embodying the goddess

healing with the mantra of love 


In this online group-workshop will I teach you different important aspects of the feminine energy, including how to empower yourself and self-heal with the help of one Mantra, called the Mantra of Love So Purkh, in order to manifest the following in your life, in a sacred group with other beautiful sisters: 


1. clear your arc-line and sexual energy 


2. attract/Heal your beloved (twin flame or soulmate)


3. elevate/assist men (up to 3 men in your life)


4. attract the soul of a Divine Masculine to be your child.


This Mantra, bani, was given to women by Yogi Bhajan, to uplift their energy and bring in the sacred science of the feminine energy to elevate the men of the world. I accompany you through the process of learning the mantra and practicing it during 40 days in order to manifest the above.

Apart from this I will be teaching about Sacred Feminine Energy, Sacred Sexuality Practices, we will Heal Sacral Chakra blocks and illnesses, we will reconnect you to your GODDESS self and will practice Self-Love and Self-Healing. 

We will reset your Feminine and Sacred Sexual Energy to be more fully present in your body, mind and spirit and to heal for your Twinflame / Divine Counterpart as well. You will receive insight on how the Masculine Energy works, in order to have more loving, exciting and balanced relationships, to create more Union within and with your partner as well as to manifest your dreams from a place of love and compassion. 


So Purkh the Mantra of Love

What does it do for men in your life and for the Divine Masculine?


heal traumas and pain of your men (partner, boyfriend, husband, son, father, brother, friend, any masculine relative or the collective)

improves the character and personality development 

helps them realize their own potential

dissolves negativity in their destiny

supports them to give up harmful addictions

gives your son divine qualities (to recite during pregnancy)

elevates men to their highest divine consciousness

attracts opportunities into their life to open their hearts and embody their spiritual gifts



assists with mission, life-purpose and Twinflame journey)




if you don't have a partner, you can use this mantra to attract your soulmate/twinflame / divine connection.

Are you looking to heal your masculine wounds and strengthen your goddess power and self-worth?

do you want to receive the masculine in your life, while embodying your divine feminine energy?

Are you looking to heal the connection between yourself and twin flame/soulmate? 


Come join us, goddess!!!

Embodying the sacred masculine

divine Masculine online group-workshop 

Men and their relationships: women/sexuality/body/spirituality

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