Divine Feminine Goddess Retreat

Divine Feminine Goddess Retreat

7 day Retreat in Puerto Escondido, on the South Pacific Coast of Mexico. 
You will be invited to live in a Villa facing the ocean to dive into the depth of your divine feminine essence, to heal through Self-love, personal and collective healings and ceremonies with Lana, one on one care, water rituals to restore, rediscover and re-empower the Goddes within you, your Shakti energy your creativity and your passion.  

Along with a small group of other Divine Feminines we will be activating and healing together, activating the Divine Feminine Wisdom of our ancestors, releasing and inviting the balance with the Divine Masculine Energies. 

We will anchor the energies of love and union within and without. 

you will receive:

One-on-one healing and coaching work with Lana (1 - 2 sessions)

Grupal Healings, Activations and Meditations 

Sacred Self-Marriage Full Moon Ceremony

Sweat-lodge Ceremony with the Divine Mother


Connecting with the Rose Ray of Self-Love in a trip to see Dolphins and Whales

Vegetarian Healthy Food Catering (optional extra fee)

Yoga classes (optional)

Learning about the Feminine Energies and Sacred Sexuality 

Body Positivity Ritual 

Manifestation Fire Circle of Union

Deep cleanse and realignment with your divine self, mission and purpose

Calling in your Beloved Ritual & Twin Flame Union Activation 

Deep transformation, Healing and Guidance in Purpose and Mission


Due to current world events, the Goddess Retreat is on hold, until we are all able to travel safely. I am planning on October 2020, but we will wait and see how all unfolds. I am open for the 30 minute consultations nonetheless and I am here to answer any questions you may have regarding this beautiful healing experience.

Wishing you health, healing and joy, Lana 



Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.

This does not include transportation. It does include picking you at Puerto Escondido Airport.
Puerto Escondido is located at 1 hour low-cost flight away from Mexico City.

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