A few words by clients

"Lana is a dream come true and an absolute gem!  I am so grateful I found her, as she has been working with me on my healing and spiritual path for the last couple months.  She is able to tune in effortlessly and has true clairvoyance as well as many other gifts.  She has offered amazing guidance for me on my journey and I always look forward to our sessions.  I not only feel like I found a healer but a cool new friend that I've probably known for life times!  I love Lana's sense of humor, wisdom and compassion. She also encourages and guides me on how to empower myself and tune in to my own gifts as well.  I absolutely love Lana and would highly recommend her!"

- Amber Seagraves (Los Angeles, California) 2019

"On my journey of learning to love myself I was looking for a healer/teacher/coach to help me move forward. Lana’s teachings resonated with me when I watched her videos and reaching out to her, I found she is a very gifted healer with knowledge and training in several healing methods. It think and feel she has done this for life times. First, she tunes in to you and the energies surrounding you and sees and feels what’s most urgent to heal in the different layers. We have been healing things I didn’t feel I could access by myself, including very deep ancestral trauma.
She creates a safe space for healing and also guides you about your healing, and how to implement changes to move forward. Always encouraging your growth as a soul and human. Her big heart and ability to feel the challenges we go through strikes me, as she supports the process, always with warm, loving energy. Holding your hand if needed. 
She has really helped me heal many layers, step up my mission work and self love."

- S. (Sweden) 2019

"My healing sessions with Lana have been very deep, powerful, healing and loving. 

I began my inner and spiritual work eight years ago and throughout this journey I experimented with plants of power and different types of healing and teachers, but even so I felt stuck and could not let go of many situations and ways of being that did not let me advance in my way. I had the fortune of meeting Lana and from the first session with her, I felt a profound change, I felt much more connected to my divinity, stronger emotionally and more secure, and finally I could begin to let go of everything I could not let go of for so many years. 

My meditations began to go deeper and higher. I started seeing everything in my life differently and everything began to flow in a more positive, happy and loving way. After the first session I have continued to work with her every week. I feel that it has helped me a lot in the connection with my higher-self and all my guides and angels. After each session I feel an incredible lightness, my heart is open and cheerful.

I am very grateful for having met her and for all the changes and the learning. It has been a blessing and I am sure that my angels and guides had already planned for me to reach Lana at the right time. I fully trust her and her way of healing and I plan to keep working and learning for as long as necessary. I can assure you that in my life there is a before and after knowing Lana."

- Fernando Esteva (Puerto Escondido, Mexico) 2019